Revving up

Ok, so, about every other week, I’ve been promising new stuff
I’m going to quit doing that… I’m just gonna promote it when it’s done (it’s never really done, as Jon Racherbaumer has noted to me: you just have to ‘abandon’ the work)

This isn’t a promise, but the to-do list is as follows:
The first order of business is a slight site update @
and then I need to get my shopping cart back in order (using e-junkie)
after that, the e-products that should have been released a month ago
WILL see the light of day.

God bless you all & bare with me

In the interim, don’t forget my blog, which I have been fairly good about updating and sometimes even post helpful information and stuff:
My post yesterday is a useful tip that many cardmen may find of interest (esepecially those interested in the ‘Semi-AutoMatic” style of Cardopia that has proven to be so  popular of late


Well, this e-shopping conn-undrum has proven to be a bit more challenging than I envisioned. At first I was sure E-Junkie was the solution I needed, then I thought Shopify would be the better choice, now, I’m leaning toward going back to the former (a combination of the two would be ideal… and I just may end up using both!)

I’m also considering delving back into the depths of wordpress plugins to discover if/what/which offer provides the (digital distribution) stuff I need.
Decisions, Decisions

Meanwhile I have products to finish and I’m working on that as well…
While I make my decision, I still have products to offer and offer them I shall.
For now, I suggest a simple email with your request:
Top 3 Products are my Built o Last DVD Set, Pinky Swear Project (DVD) and Animal Farm / Spongology Bunnies

Pinky SwearPinky Swear DVD 45 Minutes on the Pinky Count, The Pass and 6 Effects w/the combo
$15 + $3 s/h

Built to Last Built to Last DVD Set (2 Disks) $50, free shipping & includes a set of “Spongology Bunnies” (Below) *special runing through Feb only!
animalfarmlg Animal Farm / Spongology : $10 + $3 shipping


If any of the above interests you, drop me an email. Paypal preferred: (for both email and paypal payments)
Thanks for your interest

Online Shopping…

Coming Soon: a new online shopping experience (along with new e-products) at:

Right now I’m waist deep in code, production and climbing the learning curve…

Stay tuned for bigger & better things!
Coming SOON!

New WordPress and beyond!

Wow, the new wordpress update (3.8) is impressive.

Me Likey.

It’s been far too long since I’ve popped in to do an update,
Well, that’s over. I’m back (and here to stay awhile)

It’s a New Year and that always brings renewed vigor and inspiration to move forward stronger, bigger and better and that’s exactly what you’re truly intends to do.

I have some behind the scenes secret plans
& in addition to that: I’ll openly note that I’m working on a new one man show (far overdue) and I’ll be pimping harder than ever online.

This should be an interesting year. It started with a speedbump, so I’ve gotta shift into overdrive. Take a seat, stick around, enjoy the view: should be an interesting ride.

For now, I’ve got to get to the post office, I’ve got a couple things to ship.
I hate going to the post office (and especially dealing with international mail)
But, it’s nice to know people around the world (Sweden, Spain) are interested in my work. I’m sending a box to Tom Stone which just makes me giggle on the inside.

Speaking of orders… I’ll be trying out a new shopping cart system this week (shopify)
In addition to online / downloadable products (Introduced for the first time & well overdue at that) I’ll be offering some Hardware (DVD & Accessories) Specials that might interest some of you.

For the time being, I’ll stop the ramble & just say: thanks for visiting and happy new year! Make it count!

Magic and Scrapbooking

So there’s this wonderful website that stems from the UK
“The Magic Scrapbook”

Full of magic tidbits and historia. Well worth a bookmark and a return (regularly)
Of late, they’ve picked up on a couple of my blog posts (etc) and have been kind enough to feature yours truly (*it’s a fairly popular site among magicdom, so it’s a “thing” as far as being internet-famous goes :)

This is the daily page:

and as an example… this post:
is one of the recents the I’m a feature thereof

Another example would be The Magic Word podcast I did with Scott Wells:

there’s more, but I tire of self promo easily (in short bursts  anyway)
thanks for checking in

Conn… gone

Mago in the Rio Grande

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this program:

While on lecture tour last week, the local TV station in McAllen TX caught wind of our activities and yours truly got a lil air time… not much but it’s worth a peep. Good piece IMHO

 Straight from the Rio Grande:
Enjoy! (& thanks to George Robinson who took time from his day to share the clip ;)

Conn’s Fall 2013 Lecture Dates

Below are the dates & locations  for my South/Mid/West lecture tour. I’ll be posting times and locations here & on my Facebook page as the events draw near:  &/or
I also have a .pdf / printable flier on my site: click here  for perusal, print or promo.
Any/all help promoting these events would be greatly appreciated…
If you have an idea for a pit stop an extra location to do my thing or just have a question, feel free to drop me a msg or an email:

Doug Conn South/Mid/West Lecture
Times and locations

ALL DONE! (9/27/13) Thanks to everyone who attended, all my wonderful hosts, also: to Scott Wells for organizing the tour and last but not least, my wonderful family who put up with my crazy pursuits! I had a great time and look forward to doing it again. Scott is working on a tour through FL in January. If you’d like to be part of that, please contact him at the Southern Lecture Tour Site (on facebook, etc) or feel free to email or call me and we’ll arrange something ASAP.  I’m eyeballing the NE as my tour (Philly-ish & beyond) and will be making that happen ASAP. West coast, you’re on the list too (NW/W) My plan is to see the country (and then the world.) It might take awhile, but I’ll get there…
I learned ALOT on this tour and look forward to growing as a lecturer: stay tooned.

lecture collage


Monday August 26 – Atlanta, GA
What a GREAT group to kick things off! Thank You ATL!

Tuesday August 27 – Jacksonville, FL
Wonderful City, Wonderful Group, Thanks!

Wednesday August 28 – Birmingham, AL
Magished “The Magic City” Booyah!

Thursday August 29 – Knoxville, TN
Knoxville has some Serious Magi!  Impressive Group! Had a Blast!

Friday August 30 – Murfreesboro, TN
A beautiful city that turned out to be my Kryptonite! Still had a fun / laughable time!
The kind group was very supportive & what doesn’t kill you only makes ya stronger!

Break: Saturday August 31 through Sat Sept 7th: Regroup / Relax

Sunday September 8 – Huntsville, AL – Bill Mullins
Just Added! Thanks Bill!

Tuesday September 10 – Louisville, KY – Mike Blanckaert

Thursday September 12 – Pewaukee, WI Big Guys Magic Shop: buy your tix in advance and save $5

Friday September 13 – open, no lecture (driving all day!)

Saturday September 14 – Ft. Worth, TX Magic Theatre of our Illusion Warehouse magic shop in south Fort Worth. located at 3917 McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76110. Phone is 817-832-6062.

Sunday September 15 – open, no lecture

Monday September 16 – San Antonio, TX
Wonderful Group, Great lecture, great town (great to see Eric Evans!)
I will remember the Alamo! (and I’ll be back)

Tuesday September 17 – Houston, TX
Scott Wells arranged this tour and I’m soooo thankful for his services.
In addition to that, he housed & fed me in Houston (and played chauffer for some much needed stuffs!) while there we taped an episode of “The Magic Word Podcast” (google it)
The club was great, the night was wonderful and I look forward to returning to Houston!

Wednesday September 18 – Austin, TX
Austin is a rockin city. We had a great event. I wish I had an extra day to explore this wonderful town (San Antonio / Austin: I’ll be back (just to say hi!))
good stuff

Thursday September 19 – McAllen, TX
George Robinson (of Viking Magic) was the host to this event.
Honestly, I was prepared for it to be a dud (seemed like I was in the middle of no-where 1/2 hour from the Mexican border) well… boy was I wrong. This was one of the best lectures of the series (as far as attendance, etc) We also shot a local spot for TV that should be viewable on the internet at some point. I’ll keep ya posted. (read my blog!)

Friday September 20 – open, no lecture

Saturday September 21 – Albuquerque, NM
Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Driving into this area is like driving into a painting.
I went through the picturesque landscape right into Max Krause’ beautiful brick & mortar shop (support your local store!!!!!!!!!!!) Max was a wonderful host (and has some amazing / unique & creative ideas! I was fooled over & over… and took a few of those goodies with me ;) thanks Max. The lecture was in a beautiful room with a well attended / enthusiastic group. Another town I could spend days exploring…
No wonder so many of my friends have moved to NM: It’s freaking gorgeous out here!
Love it. Hate to leave…. but heading onward to Tuscon

Monday September 23 – Tucson, AZ I’m lecturing at 7pm in Tuscon and the lecture will be at the hotel I’m staying in (which is GREAT: so, nice… I encourage more event organizers to plan lectures this way: It’s tough on us out on the road.) I assume most of the Tusconians know where to go… I’m awaiting that info as I type (hope to know by the end of the day!)

Tuesday September 24 – open, no lecture Wednesday September 25 – open, no lecture… I’ll be driving to:

Thursday September 26 – Oklahoma City, OK For full info, check out: The lecture will start at 6:30. It is at the City Arts Center (3000 General Pershing Blvd  Oklahoma City, OK 73107)


Coming next January: Florida!

Doug Conn Lecture Tour PR

For Immediate Release
Doug Conn

Doug Conn’s Nationwide Magic Lecture Tour Officially Launches
New Orleans, LA – - Doug Conn is one of the most highly revered magicians in the world. With over 20 years experience as a professional magician, and having performed across the world for restaurants, bars, casinos, riverboats, banquets, tradeshows, meetings, conventions, corporate events, and various other types of events, very few magicians of this era have the unique standing which Doug Conn has achieved.
Apart from being a marvel in his trade, Doug Conn is also known for his fun interactions with the crowd. His distinct, satiating style of presentation is not only informative, but also is an inspiration and has contributed to the craft of professional magic worldwide. Doug is credited with, among others, two major DVD releases, ‘Built to Last’ and ‘Pinky Swear’, which has been hailed as an ideal resource for any aspiring magician to perfect his or her skills.
Interestingly, Doug’s DVDs do not just look at the popular tricks of the trade but include his experiments and a detailed guide for the “intermediate magician” to hone ones skills in commercial magic. Performing magic for fun or as a personal hobby and performing magic commercially are not the same. Doug’s informative DVDs sheds light on a plethora of subjects that a budding magician ought to discover, know, learn and practice.
“While both the DVD projects have found widespread critical acclaim and have been bestsellers worldwide, I am ready to deliver my upcoming education magic lecture tour across the country. As a part of his ‘Connspiracy Theories’ tour throughout the United States, I will be hosting 2 hourlectures at every stop in the tour where magicians can be a part of the pricelessly informative and inspirational hands-on coaching in a fun setting.” Said, Conn Owner Doug Conn Magic
During Doug’s informative and fun lectures, magicians of all levels will be able to watch, learn, and practice everything from magical effects to various scientific theories and how they apply to the professional world of magic. Doug will also share some of the secrets that have made him one of the most respected names in the world of magic.
While Doug Conn already has several slews of shows and lectures lined up throughout the United States, he is still available for additional events and lectures. If you would like to host/organize a lecture for students, magicians, or people with a penchant for magic, contact Doug Conn through his website. If you are interested in having Doug Conn perform at an event, fair, festival, corporate function, please contact him as soon as possible. You may want to check out his touring calendar to know when he plans to visit your state or city.

Magic and Magicians in New Orleans

Magic in New Orleans

Magic in NOLA

Magicians in New Orleans

People often ask me what kind of magic there is to see in the New Orleans, the big easy.

Well, at the time of this writing (5/15/13) there is no ‘official’ place you can go see magic. No magic shop, no standard venue ,etc.

BUT, we are hoping for that to change. Big things are in the works with a company that plans to open New Orleans answer to the Magic Castle (with close-up and stage magic as well as other unique entertainments) God willing that will open soon.


There are ALWAYS street magi busking and performing the cobblestones of the city.
At peak times from Oct – May there may be 10-12 street magicians working on any given day. I suggest strolling around Jackson Square and up/down Royal Street (300-600 block) and you might find a few guys doing their thing. Quality is hit and miss: some are great, some are adequate. Fortunately no-one is really that bad…. you can’t be in this city. You’re good or you’re gone.
Also: Bourbon Street at night, from 6pm-8pm often hosts magicians working the streets.
Tough crowd.

The burlesque shows in town feature magicians as MC’s and/or performers
My favorite is “Bust-out Burlesque” which features Dante who MC’s and performs an 8 minute silent act. Fantastic stuff. Also, multiple award winner “Magic Mike” can be found working the occasional Burlesque show… look for those with “Trixie Minx”

No magic shops, they’re  all closed (RIP Amazed & Amused, Big Easy Magic & Sideshow… Heck, even Magic Masters had silks, tips and rings ) Sigh.

There are a couple of magic clubs: SAM & IBM and both have websites
I like to attend the Monday gatherings at Applebees on the westbank.
Jon Racherbaumer is usually there, along with other top notch NOLA magi

Anyway, that’s the scoop… I’ll update this as things change, for now, your best bet is the streets… looks for guys Like Alexander the Magician, Jimmy Talksalot or Bobby Maverick or even me. They all perform top notch street shows that will leave you wanting to give them money… Please do.

Here’s a clip of a Alexander busking Royal St.
Please visit my magic youtube page to see more


The Password is one of the most prolific cardmen of the past century.
He wrote “The Cardician”
last name only: lowercase (5 letters)