Built To Last – 2 DVD set



Built To Last DVD set

2 Disc Set  $50

Built To Last Contents

Disc 1
Doug Conn: In His Own Words
Chameleon Sandwich: A sandwich routine with an unexpected ending.
Rubber Revelation: A rubber band magically finds a selection’s mate and in a surprise finish: four of a kind.
Pip Trip: A motivated triple color change, while repairing a misprint .
Weighing The Aces: Cut-mania. Cut to the aces, match a spec’s cut and to cut any named number of cards.
Tricked Traveler: The cleanest invisible palm routine on this planet (easy too!).
BlankJack: Doug’s Wild Card. Blank cards print into blackjack hands, then transform to a royal flush.
Prelude: The soldiers prayerbook comes to life. 10 magic moments in this fusillade.
Flush Brush: A true piece of magic art. A royal flush is painted from the pack. This is your new closer.

›› Double Play: Startling revelation of a (secret) double card face-up from the center.
›› Tic Tac Turnover: A cool, minty fresh revelation of a selected card.
›› Triumph Tools: Fixes and Finesse for the classic Triumph routine
›› Boxing: A new switch that revolves around a card box.

Disc 2
Evening the Odds: Matrix with mini cards.
Plausible Presentations featuring:
›› Conn Gets Purse’n’l: Coin purse productions
›› Fit to be Tied: Necktie coin vanish
›› Particle Press: A novel coin production
Three Lumps (3 versions): Brilliant Coins to Glass routine using a coffee cup in an interesting, new way.
Joints / Coin Spectacle: Approaches to the three coin vanish and reproduction.
Copper, Silver, Brash: A coin workers dream as seen through a Copper/Silver routine.
Crazy Man Thumbcuff: A nice interlude in which a rubber band penetrates your thumb.
Spongology / Rab-bit: Sponge origami and a surprise with a bunny.
Scramble: Shadow coins with Scrabble tiles. Words spell as they magically move.
Doug Conn Theory Section: An in-depth look at Doug’s magical theories.