Salutations to all members of the Conjuror Community and thanks for taking a moment to visit my website. Below you’ll find some info &/or links to items mentioned in the lecture.  You’ll discover excerpts from my book, a free 30 minute ‘Double Play’ download, a free ebook and a coupon code to save $ on my website. Just my way of saying thanks for your interest in my work.

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Chameleon Sandwich
Here is a link to a preview of my book “Tricks of My Trade – The Magic of Doug Conn” and within this preview, you’ll find full access to the ‘Chameleon Sandwich’ routine (and there’s also a link to my Scrabble Matrix.) Note: If you’re interested in purchasing this book, you’ll need to contact Paul Cummins on his website.  The cd/ebook version is referenced on the site, but he also has some hard copies available.

The Double Play Download is a 30 minute video with in-depth teaching of my Double Play production. You’ll learn several effects that use this visual technique, plus bonus tips, tricks and real world advice.  I’m aware several real-world pros that keep this technique in their repetoire, perhaps you’ll be the next? I hope this download helps those of you eager to try the move.

The Wedding Notes
Here’s a free ebook that, among other things, include some notes on the one coin flurry and my thoughts on plausible presenations (plus: 1/2 dozen other things that you may find useful.)  Enjoy!

That’s it for the free-stuff, but if you have any questions about anything (here or in the lecture) feel free to drop me a line:

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